Europe is a continent rich in inspiring destinations. We had to make the same decisions that any tourist must make. Where to start. We used some simple criteria. It had to be a city steeped in culture and history. A city that offered a real opportunity for an intimate experience with a different life and even a different time. It also needed to be a city that offered ample scope for relaxation and fun. And of course, the chance to enjoy different cuisines.
That still left us with many possibilities across Europe. But top of the list was Split, “the rose of Dalmatia”.

With a UNESCO World Heritage site at it’s centre, another nearby and the Adriatic Sea lapping at its shores, Split offers everything to everyone. 

Next was Budapest, recently voted as Europe’s number one destination. Lying on both sides of the Danube river, ancient buildings are the backdrop to many cultural events and an energetic nightlife.

Going West the Netherlands city of Den Bosch seems to embody the spirit of a vibrant modern European culture, yet home to tradition and culture that truly inspires.

In each city, our Boutique Hotels and Suites are all in locations that offer the greatest proximity to historical sights, the locations of cultural events, the best in local cuisine and great shopping experiences.