You’ll find a stay at any Touch Europe hotel gives you the freedom to enjoy and experience different cultures and people in your own way and in your own time.

The idea is simply that you experience the city as though you were a local and not just a tourist or business traveller.

Our carefully chosen locations and our unique blend of hand-picked décor and furniture with modern luxury comfort, gives you the perfect base from which to explore and experience.

Touch Europe is a carefully selected group of hotels in key destinations across the continent.
The Touch Europe experience is different. You’ll enjoy the luxuriousness and comfort of a prestige hotel with the freedom that a self-catering approach gives you. It gives you the added luxury of time. And it’s time you will spend well.
The hotels themselves are steeped in their own rich history and with their own exquisite architecture. They are all located close to the centre of each city’s cultural life.